The modern age is an age which expects best in all fields. So the parents aspire their children to be best. They wish them to be physically healthy and strong, mentally firm & intelligent, good and impressive in outlook and sympathetic & sensitive in heart. At present age there are so many parents who become alert and it is praiseworthy that they should be alert and conscious. When society thinks about production of best animals and also thinks about growth of best fertile land and tree. It is unfortunate that nobody thinks and considers seriously about the formation of best person.

Every parent wishes to have a talented and virtuous child. All virtues can be acquired through the Sanskar process in womb. Today science proves that the fetus can learn and memorize and hence good values can be imparted to it in womb. Our Ayurvedacharyas were very wise. They had perfect ideas and treatments about the best and desired child. Special description for well-planned pregnancy is given in Ayurveda text book which is known as “GARBHSANSKAR”.

In Ayurveda, the whole procedure of “GARBHSANSKAR” is compared with an example of germination of seed. When a seed is planted in a farm and becomes a tree, is not a miracle. But it is dependent on appropriate season, soil, water and seed. Just like these a fertilized ovum can implant and grow up healthily is dependent on

“ध्रुवं चतुर्णां सान्निध्याद्गर्भः स्याद्विधिपूर्वकः ।
ऋतु क्षेत्राम्बुबीजानां सामग्र्यादङ्कुरो यथा ॥“

Here ‘RUTU’ intends appropriate period of menstrual cycle, ‘KSHETRA’ implies a healthy woman and her uterus, ‘AMBU’ signifies appropriate nutrition or Aahar Rasa and ‘BIJA’ intends best quality of sperm and ovum. If appropriate ‘RUTU’, ‘KSHETRA’, ‘AMBU’ and ‘BIJA’ are united in unique manner then we can achieve a desirable child.
For optimum conception, these four should be in the best and natural status.

1. Optimum “RUTU”:
The appropriate period of conception is from 8th to 16th day from the day of menstruation.

2. Optimum “KSHETRA”:
For desirable child, physical as well as mental- emotional health of the couple should be best.

3. Optimum “AMBU”:
Rasa, Rakta etc Dhatu should be pure and disinfectant. Nutrients and hormones should be in balanced value.

4. Optimum “BIJA”:
The sperm of a man and the ovum and uterus of a woman should be in best condition at the time of conception which can prevents child from genetically.

If any of these are not in accordance with accepted standards, it can be standardized by our Ayurveda – Panchkarma treatment.

To procreate a bright, healthy and cultured child, a couple should start the process of “GABHSANSKAR” before three to four months of conception. During this period, a holistic course of Panchkarma should be done under expert of Panchkarma for physical and mental as well as spiritual health of a couple. After that a couple should try for conception according to the guidance of Panchkarma expert.
At Divyam Ayurveda Panchkarma Wellness Clinic, we have devided whole process of “GARBHSANSKAR” into three phases as:
  • Before conception (Eugenics)
  • During pregnancy (Euphenics)
  • After Pregnancy (Euthenics)

We have very much interesting as well as holistic programme for Eugenics period for a couple to prepare them physically as well as mentally – emotionally healthy and fit to conceive. Euphenics is a golden period of a woman’s life when she becomes pregnant. Ayurveda provides tremendous advice for “GARBHINI” (a pregnant woman). ‘Masanumasik Garbhini Paricharya’ is given for this phase. To give birth of a beautiful baby, special diet, medicines and protocols given by us which help to maintain health of a pregnant woman and fetus. Euthenics is the last phase after birth of newborn. At that time newborn and mother, both need attention and acre. Mother becomes happy of course she is exhausted. Her body is full of stress. “Prasruta Paricharya” is described in Ayurveda for Euthenics period.

We provide all guidelines, treatments, medicines etc for whole process of “GARBHSANSKAR” at Divyam Ayurveda Panchkarma Wellness Clinic. Our wealth is our child. We wish that young generation of to-day, procure best progeny by “GARBHSANSKAR” treatment. We express our best wishes.